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We at Total Prepare are regularly asked how to store water.  Some of our customers have a pretty good grasp as to what to do, but many more need a bit of guidance and instruction.  Considering that water is the most essential component to emergency preparedness, we thought it would be helpful to provide a few important water storage tips. If you are planning to store water, make sure you overestimate rather than run short.  … Read More

  The first survival food also known as MRE (meals ready to eat) was established during the revolutionary war and consisted of enough to feed a man for a day. The meal consisted of mostly beef, rice and peas. Canned meats were replaced during World War I with preserved meats (salted or dried). The US Department of Defense began developing survival food in 1963 referred to as emergency essentials – a ration relying on packaging … Read More

There are many why’s as to why prepare for the challenges every life goes through – to survive, to overcome, to reduce fear and anxiety. The reasons are as varied as the people who do prepare. Ultimately there is really only one reason to prepare: love. You set up home and life insurance, not because you fear being homeless or dying. That insurance can not stop these things from happening. You prepared by getting insurance … Read More