160 Serving Chocolate Milk Bucket

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Featuring Ghirardelli chocolate, the 160 serving bucket of Legacy Premium chocolate milk is the way to go when adding GMO-free powdered drinks to your emergency food storage. No-fuss preparation combined with a 25-year shelf life makes this delicious treat hard to resist. Chocolate milk comes in convenient storage pouches and adds delicious dessert-disguised-as-a-beverage to any emergency food storage supply. Powder chocolate milk drinks are GMO-free and stored in a compact, heavy-duty BPA-free bucket.

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160 Servings of GMO-free food storage chocolate milk

One word: CHOCOLATELegacy Premium powdered chocolate milk drinks contain the unparalleled Ghirardelli chocolate; can you say delicious? 160 servings of GMO-free food storage chocolate powdered milk will make the whole family smile, even during an emergency. Your food storage will not be the same without chocolate milk. GMO-free powder drinks are a long-lasting solution to adding sustenance and calories to your stored water without sacrificing flavor, emergency or not.

Legacy Premium GMO-free emergency food storage and powder drinks are the best bang for your buck; not only is everything we carry high quality and great tasting, we have the best prices on emergency food storage items in the food storage industry, comparing serving sizes and calories. Add GMO-free chocolate milk powder to your emergency storage water and drink in the rich chocolate milk flavor knowing you got a great price on a great-tasting product.

Legacy Premium chocolate milk bucket is the ideal way to add dessert-like flavor to your GMO-free emergency food storage powder drink supply. Rich Ghirardelli chocolate milk powder comes preserved in Mylar pouches (8 servings per pouch) along with an oxygen absorber and a nitrogen flush to maintain freshness for up to 25 years. Chocolate milk drink powder pouches are safeguarded against pests/water damage in a compact heavy-duty bucket. GMO-free powder drinks are perfectly stored for your home emergency food storage.

What’s Included:

The 160 Serving Chocolate Milk Bucket from Legacy Premium includes 160 servings of Chocolate Milk. For nutritional information, please click the picture below.


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