160 Serving Powdered Milk Bucket

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This Legacy Premium powdered milk bucket delivers 160 servings of delicious dehydrated milk powder mix, 9 grams of protein per serving. Milk complements any freeze dried/dehydrated food storage meal and easily mixes up with water. Powdered milk is sealed in 8-serving Mylar bags and stored in a heavy-duty, pest-proof plastic bucket for compact storage and portability. Dehydrated powdered milk mix and all Legacy Premium freeze dried food storage has a shelf life of up to 25 years or more.

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Dehydrated Food Storage 160 Serving USDA Grade “A” Powdered Milk Mix

Unless you own a cow, you will want to add Legacy Premium powdered milk to your food storage. Dehydrated powdered milk will be a comfort food that adds big protein to your family’s diet. Milk complements any freeze dried/dehydrated emergency meal and is easy to prepare. 160 servings of powdered milk mix will keep your family covered in emergencies small and large. Having nutritious (and delicious!) milk will be an important part of your freeze dried/dehydrated food storage mix.

Dehydrated powdered milk is tasty enough to drink alone or with a freeze dried food storage meal. Just add water to mix. When your kids want cereal before the grocery store opens and you find you are out of milk or if you want oatmeal while camping, you can plan on milk during an emergency with our powdered milk mix. Light-weight freeze dried/dehydrated food stores for 25 years or more in Mylar bags packed in heavy-duty re-sealable buckets.

Legacy Premium dehydrated powdered milk mix tastes great and adds vital nutrients to your food storage. Legacy Premium dehydrated and freeze dried foods provide bigger portion sizes with more calories than other food storage providers. Confidently build your freeze dried food storage with high quality and gourmet tastes at the lowest cost per calorie and per serving in the business. Dehydrated powdered milk mix is grade “A” food storage.

What’s Included:

The 160 Serving USDA Grade “A” Powdered Milk Bucket from Legacy Premium includes 160 servings of USDA Grade “A” Powdered Milk. For nutritional information, please click the picture below.


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