2 Week Heart Healthy Bucket

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Stock up on heart-healthy food storage when you buy Legacy Premium’s two-week kit of our lowest-sodium freeze-dried meals, snacks, and drinks. Legacy Premium recognizes the importance of feeding the body quality ingredients, especially during survival situations. As a result, we have created this premium bucket containing only gourmet food and drinks with less than 30% of the recommended daily value for sodium. In other words, you can prepare for emergencies without sacrificing good health in the process.
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Healthiest 2-week Food Storage Bucket Available

One of the reasons customers love the two-week heart-healthy food kit so much is that it offers a variety of foods to choose from, ensuring you won’t suffer from meal fatigue when you use your food storage. With this deluxe bucket in your pantry, you’ll have six different lunch/dinner entrees to pick from, including our spicy corn chowder, pasta primavera, chili mac, and more. In addition, you’ll enjoy three different satisfying breakfast options: strawberry creamy wheat, oatmeal with brown sugar, and our hearty multi-grain cereal. The food doesn’t end there; you’ll also enjoy two different satisfying snack/side options, including our addicting banana chips and parboiled rice, and three drink options. In short, this bucket contains enough delicious, nutritious food to provide you all the nourishment you need—2000 calories’ worth per day—for two weeks.

All of this healthy, gourmet food comes in mylar pouches that are packaged in one lightweight, compact bucket that’s easy to store and ensures your food has a 25-year shelf life. Not only is it simple to store, it’s also simple to prepare. Legacy Premium freeze-dried meals just need boiling water and less than 20 minutes to turn them into a ready-to-eat meal.

Help your family make nutritious choices even during unexpected circumstances by stocking up on Legacy Premium’s two-week heart-healthy food kit today.

What’s Included:

The 2 Week 2,000 Calorie Per Day Heart Healthy Bucket from Legacy Premium includes 3 different breakfasts (16 servings total), 6 different entrees (28 servings total), 2 different side dishes (28 servings total), and 1 drink mix (32 servings total). For nutritional information on each meal, please click the individual pictures below.

Breakfasts Include:

Entrees Include:

Sides Include:

Drinks Include:



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