Emergency 5-Gallon Water Box

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Any serious prepper will tell you that having a minimum of 1 gallon of water per day per person is critical for survival. The 5-gallon water supply box from Legacy is a simple, effective way to accomplish that goal. Each heavy duty box is stackable, easy to move, and built for long term use. With an easy to fill pouch that is extremely tough, these water supply boxes are the perfect container to start building your long term water supply.Each pouch also includes a built in spigot for easy access to your water during an emergency. 

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5-gallon Bag with Spigot 
Heavy-duty Stackable Water Box

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5-Gallon Water Supply Box for Emergency Survival

Emergency water during a disaster may be the most crucial and fundamental part of your food storage but oftentimes is overlooked and forgotten. Without water, no one will survive very long. Water is required when making freeze dried and dehydrated meals and without it, your food supply won’t taste nearly as good as it should. 5-Gallon stackable water boxes from Legacy are a space-saving way to get your water supply in order.

Each survival water box is a thick, hard-to-puncture 5-gallon mylar pouch protected by a heavy-duty multi-laminate box. Each water bag has an easy to use spigot for quick access to your water supply and will help to eliminate spilled or wasted water. Simply assemble your box, fill up the pouch and place inside the protective cover. Survival water supply kits are the ultimate in water storage and every home should include a few.

The water supply box from Legacy is highly portable, weighing in at 40 lbs once filled. For anyone who has a 55-gallon drum, this portability is highly desirable and important. Stack your water boxes or grab them for a quick exit in an emergency. Convenient, simple, accessible water storage plan your survival by ensuring that you have enough water to outlast any emergency with a 5-gallon water supply box.

5-Gallon Emergency Water Box Benefits –

  • 5-gallon BPA-free plastic bag
  • Stackable, heavy-duty cardboard box
  • Built-in, easy-to-use spigot on each bag


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